Our Services


Strategic Counsel

Above all else, one must have a comprehensive strategy. We work with our clients from the start, imagining what a successful result looks like and then engineering each component element of the strategy with success in mind. Unlike so many boutique firms, we do not limit our services to “shoe-leather” advocacy alone, but instead relish in rolling up our sleeves and working on each of the policy development, political engagement, and procedural navigation stages of execution.


Adept at written and oral advocacy, we are here to assist in delivering well timed, expertly crafted messages to policy makers. But message delivery is just the first step. Persistent follow up is essential to successfully marry policy objectives with the political environment. We know the players. We understand what winning policy proposals look like. And we have the deep experience needed to usher it all through Washington’s complex legislative and regulatory processes.

Alliance & Coalition Development

Consensus drives success in Washington. In times where legislation moves slowly and political debate often trumps policy advancement, it is more important than ever to build alliances and work in coalition to advance your agenda. We work daily with some of the largest trade associations, NGOs and think tanks to bring our client’s interests into the broader context.


Unique to boutique consulting firms, we are experienced in assisting clients facing the the daunting prospect of a Congressional investigation. Prepared by our years of experience working for Senate committees and prior careers in private law practice, we are here to help you navigate investigations and avoid the pitfalls that may land you in a committee’s cross hairs in the first place.

Legislative & Regulatory Drafting

With years of congressional committee service and large law practice experience, we pride ourselves in our substantive and technical writing skills. We understand how to read legislation, draft amendments and deliver precision messages to regulators in the form of comment letters.

PAC & Lobbying Compliance Support

Wile not a law firm, NSGS partners have years of experience assisting clients with forming Political Action Committees (PACs) and complying with federal rules governing PACs and lobbying activity. We can keep things cost efficient where law firms aren’t necessary and advise when they are. Let us partner with you to keep your political activities organized effectively.

Public Affairs

It should come as no surprise that we live in a media age. Including communications in any strategy is becoming more important by the day. We have experience crafting messages for public consumption and targeting audiences who need to hear that message. Whether in crises mode or advancing a new concept for broad adoption, we can help. And when your needs spike and bandwidth is an issue, our strategic public affairs partners are available to pitch in and scale up.